skyleecm, 26 Feb 2010

Processing tasks with OnesTodo

A task is processed when you knows what you are going to do next to complete the task, and when you are going to do the task.

Unprocessed to Processed

  • In the Todo List page (main page), select Unprocessed Favourites List to browse all your Unprocessed tasks.
  • Click on the task link to edit it.
  • In the Edit Todo page, change your title to show a brief description of the task, what to do next.
  • Enter a priority. (You can use/reserve priority=1 for tasks you may someday want to do. You can create a Maybe favourites list later by searching for priority=1 and assigning a name, Maybe for the search)
  • Enter the contexts. They divide your tasks so you can find them easily. (General contexts divide tasks within general areas of your life — such as Work, Personal, Home, or School. You can also grouped actions like errands, calls, shopping, etc. You can use a person name to indicate the task has to be done with him/her.)
  • Enter a due date to give a loose schedule when you are going to do the task.
  • You can select an uncompleted task as the project of this task.
  • Enter all relevant information about this task in the description. If this task is a project (A project is a task that cannot be completed in one step), you can enter all the steps that are in your mind into the description.)
  • Enter any tags. (You can use this to further classify your tasks)
  • Click on Save button to save the task.

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