skyleecm, 26 Feb 2010

Doing tasks with OnesTodo

Completing tasks

  • If you have completed a task, you can click on the no link next to the task title in the Todo List page to mark it as completed.
  • If the completed task is only a sub-task in a project, you can ensure that the next step for the project and a scheduled date is created. You can either just modify the todo title to show the next step and change its due date, or you can create a new sub-task for the next step for the project.
  • To create the next step as a new sub-task, you can click on the project task link in the Todo List page to edit the task.
  • In the Edit Todo page, click on the Add new subtodo link to create a new sub-task. This will reuse the values in the project task for the new sub-task except for the description which is blank out.
  • Change the title to show a brief description of the task, what to do next. You can use something like "Next step - project title" to know that it is part of the project.
  • Modify the other fields and enter all relevant information about this task in the description, and then save the task.
  • Note: if you mark a project task as completed, all of the sub-tasks will be mark as completed as well.
  • You can delete a completed task instead of marking it as completed.

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